The Katapult API Supports a multistep process for building the application once you have the uid. To build the Katapult application for a consumer, the customer’s application data as shown in the Application JSON to the right should be sent in a PATCH request to Katapult with the new information.


AttributeData TypeDescriptionRequired Format
billing_addressstringcustomer's line 1 of billing addressnone
billing_address2stringcustomer's line 2 of billing addressnone
billing_citystringcustomer's billing citynone
billing_first_namestringfirst name of the customer's billing informationnone
billing_last_namestringlast name of the customer's billing informationnone
billing_statestringcustomer's billing state2 char state abbrev.
billing_zipstringcustomer's billing zip code5 digit
dob_dayintegercustomer's day of birth1 or 2 digit number
dob_monthintegercustomer's month of birth1 or 2 digit number
dob_yearintegercustomer's year of birth4 digit number
emailstringcustomer's email address to receive lease agreement and notificationsnone
incomestringcustomer's annual incomenumber
ssnstringcustomer's social security number9 digit number
privacy_agreement_acceptedstringindication if the privacy policy and terms and conditions were agreed totrue / false

Request Payload

  "billing_address" : "151 W 25th St",
 	"billing_address2" : "9th Fl",
	"billing_city" : "New York",
	"billing_first_name" : "John",
	"billing_last_name" : "Doe",
	"billing_state" : "NY",
	"billing_zip" : "10010",
	"dob_day" : 11,
	"dob_month" : 6,
	"dob_year" : 1986,
	"email" :”[email protected]”,
  "income" : "50000.00",
  "ssn" : "431135234",
  "privacy_agreement_accepted": "true"

Build the Application Errors

ErrorHTTP statusDescription
UNAUTHORIZED401Invalid Authorization Token