Once items are delivered, retailers can update Katapult on the delivery via the API.

Requested Attributes

AttributeData TypeDescriptionRequired Format
skustringretailer defined and specific stock keeping unit to identify the product/item in the cartnone
display_namestringname of the item in the cartnone
unit_pricestring or integer input, string outputcash price of and item at a quantity of 1number
quantityintegernumber of a speicfic item in the cartnumber
delivery_datestringthe expected date an item(s) will be delivered to the customer's shipping addressYYYY-MM-DD

Requested Payload

  "items": [{
    "sku": "285868",
    "display_name": "BATTERY",
    "unit_price": 4.0,
    "quantity": 4
  "delivery_date": "2016-10-14T13:40:16.368888"

Submit Delivery Errors

ErrorsHTTP statusDescription
BAD REQUEST400Validation Error / Invalid Items in Request Payload / Invalid uid /Transaction not found
UNAUTHORIZED401Invalid Authorization Token