Once the customer has received the SMS code, it must be sent to Katapult to complete the verification of their phone number.

Once the code is received the customer will submit their code. If customer is returning i.e ( new user = false ) they will need to further verify their account with the last four of their SSN to fetch customer details using customer phone lookup endpoint. New customers i.e ( new user = true ) will begin the application process using Create an Application endpoint.

Request Attributes

AttributeData TypeDescriptionRequired Format
phonestringcustomer's phone number10 digit number
codestringverification code sent to the customer's mobile device6 digit number

Request Payload

  "phone": "1234567890",
  "code": "123456"

Submit Verification Code Errors

ErrorHTTP statusDescription
BAD REQUEST400Invalid Verification Code
INTERNAL SERVER ERROR500Invalid Request Payload
NOT FOUND404Invalid Authorization Token