Post origination, the first payment can be made by posting to this endpoint. In the payload, id is the uid of the application.

Requested Attributes

AttributeData TypeDescriptionRequired Format
CardNumberstringcredit card number the customer uses for the first payment to checkout16 digit number
CardCvvstring3 or 4 digit security number on the back of the customer's card3 digit number
CardExpirationstringcredit card expiration dateMM/YY
PaymentTypestringtype of payment processingresult possibilities
Contractstringused to indicate if the lease agreement has been accepted & signed or nottrue / false
Disclosurestringused to indicate if all disclosures have been accepted & signed or nottrue / false

Requested Payload

  "payment_details": {
    "CardNumber": "4111111111111111",
    "CardCvv": "324",
    "CardExpiration": "12/20",
    "PaymentType": "debit",
    "Contract": "true",
    "Disclosure": "true"

First Payment Errors

ErrorsHTTP statusDescription
NOT FOUND404Invalid Request Payload