Based on the content of a customer’s shopping cart, the Katapult API can return a preview of the customer’s initial payment at checkout as well as their subsequent monthly payments.

Requested Attributes

AttributeData TypeDescriptionRequired Format
statestringcustomer's billing state2 char state abbrev.
item_typestringcondition of the merchandise being added to the cartresult possibilities
quantityintegernumber of a speicfic item in the cartnumber
retailer_pricestringretail price of one unit of an itemnumber
item_codestringretailer defined and specific stock keeping unit to identify the product/item in the cartnone
item_namestringname of the item in the cartnone
pricestringprice of warrantynumber
namestringname of warrantynone
codestringsku of warrantynone
leasablebooleanindication if the warranty is leasable or nottrue / false
delivery_methodstringindication of product deliveryresult possibilities
shippingstring$ amount of shipping on an itemnumber
zipcodestringcustomer's billing zip code5 digit

Requested Payload

    "item_name":"samsung tv",
			"name":"warranty name",
    	"code":"warranty sku"
	"delivery_method": "delivery",
	"zipcode": "10010"

Preview Lease Pricing

ErrorsHTTP statusDescription
NOT FOUND404Invalid state
INTERNAL SERVER ERROR500Invalid Request Payload
UNAUTHORIZED401Invalid Authorization Token