BigCommerce Submit Ship Date

Submit Delivery BigCommerce

As part of Katapult's funding process we request that merchants provide either a ship or delivery date. Once a date has been provided Katapult will process funding for the order.

Through the Katapult BigCommerce Extension, Katapult has built in the capability to capture the ship date by utilizing the Shipment process in BigCommerce.

Please note that additional testing may be needed depending on your order management fulfillment system and processes.

Step 1: Open order in admin and select Ship Items

Step 2 : Create Shipment, add tracking id select all the products shipped and click on create shipment

Step 3: Login in to your Katapult merchant portal and confirm the funding tab has been updated with a date. ( note since we use webhooks the LMS update will be reflected after around 1 minutes after its updated on bigcommerce admin )