In this guide you will learn how to integrate Katpault with Salesforce Commerce Cloud in order to provide a no credit, lease-to-own payment option for your customers.

Before Getting Started

Before beginning your integration, please review the following:

  • Online Checkout Flow
  • Your current checkout process to understand how Katapult will impact operations and customers.
  • Leasable Items
  • Deployment Checklist
  • Tax Exemption Management: Katapult is a wholesale merchant and is responsible for collecting sales tax from customers. In some cases this will require additional development. Please review internally and determine the best way to reconcile orders.
  • Confirm all your products have SKUs & item descriptions. Katapult needs these details for an order to be successful. Products without a SKU may result in a failed checkout, typically resulting in the customer being unable to move past the customer validation screen.
  • You should review how attributes are being utilized and if they are being used to collect any additional fees or taxes on orders.
  • Discount Behavior: Katapult does not support discounts from increasing the price of an item.

Once your agreement has been completed, you will receive an email with your sandbox login credentials and tokens. If you have not received your tokens, please reach out to [email protected].

Supported Versions
SFRA 5.3.0
Site Genesis

To proceed with installation go to the Salesforce Marketplace and download the cartridge here