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Katapult encourages retailers to promote Katapult through social marketing campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Social campaigns include organic general posts promoting the no credit needed lease-to-own option, as well as paid posts retargeted to your lead list.

This helps educate your customer that Katapult’s no-credit needed, lease-to-own payment program is an option for them. Driving traffic from your brand’s social platform to products that are available for lease-purchase will help educate customers, impacting brand trust and loyalty.

Social Media Copy

Below you’ll find suggested messaging examples to include in social posts. It is recommended to include a link to the Katapult landing page on your website or directly to a deal page. Don’t forget to tag Katapult in any social media posts and add #Katapult!


  • Katapult has reimagined lease-to-own for the better, with lease-purchase plans designed just for you. Browse all our great products online and be sure to select Katapult at checkout. URL
  • No credit? Apply for a Katapult plan now, and in minutes you could be shopping for the essentials you need on our website. It’s your path from “need” to “own.” URL
  • By selecting Katapult at our checkout, you could be pre-approved for up to $3,500 in lease pre-approval, based on your individual plan. Shop now: URL
  • With Katapult, you can shop for what you need on our website with no credit score record. Approval is fast, with a decision in 5 seconds or less. Learn more: URL
  • We are pleased to partner with Katapult. Their payment solution has zero surprises, total transparency, and no late fees. Be sure to select Katapult at checkout on our website to get a lease-purchase plan designed for you. URL

Katapult social channels

Be sure to follow Katapult on our various social channels and reshare relevant posts on your own channels.

Social Media Examples

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