Cancellation Management


Katapult allows its merchants to cancel orders from the BigCommerce admin portal.

Before getting started
Katapult does not allow for price adjustments to be made from the BigCommerce admin portal. To make a price adjustment to an order, reach out to Katapult customer service at 833-KATAPULT (833-528-2785).

Please keep in mind that in order for the cancellation to process successfully for a full cancellation, you will need to refund the entire value of the product and cannot withhold any funds from the customer.

In order to cancel an order, partially or fully, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Within the Orders tab of your BigCommerce admin panel, click on the ' ⋮ ' icon and select Refund


Step 2. Select Refund entire order or Refund individual items and select Continue


Step 3. Select Refund customer through third party provider and select Confirm Refund