WooCommerce Submit Ship Date


As part of Katapult's funding process we request that merchants provide either a ship or delivery date. Once a date has been provided Katapult will process funding for the order.

Through the Katapult WooCommerce Extension, Katapult has built in the capability to capture the ship date by capturing your complete date in your WooCommerce admin portal.

Please note that additional testing may be needed depending on your order management fulfillment system and processes.

Submit Ship Date through WooCommerce

Step 1. Login to your WordPress admin portal Go to > WooCommerce > select Orders
Step 2. Locate the order you are looking for and edit the order.
Step 3. Update the status to Completed and save your changes.


Step 4. Login in to your Katapult merchant portal > Locate the order that was updated to complete > go to the funding tab and confirm the delivery date has been updated.