User Acceptance Testing


Before deploying to production, it is important to complete thorough testing to ensure that both the user experience and your order management system perform as expected.

It is a best practice that before going live you complete testing in your sandbox environment to validate your configuration and order processes.

You may refer to our example testing plan when setting up your scenarios

User Acceptance Testing


Before Starting

Not all tests may be applicable to your platform. It is advised that testing take place in your sandbox environment.

Sandbox Frontend Testing

New User Creation
The guidelines listed below will help you create new pre-approved test users in the sandbox environment. Our sandbox environment recognizes 4 key pieces of information as unique qualifiers.


Unique Qualifier

Best Practice

Phone number


We suggest that you begin your first application with your phone number and for each new user you create changing the last 4 digits.



The email does not need to be valid to be passed through to a pre-approval. We suggest using a random email generator



Any valid address in the United States excluding MN, NJ, WI, WY



Must use a unique SSN.
Cannot begin with 666, 000 or begin with the number 9.

When creating a unique SSN avoid the following:

SSNs with the number “00” in positions 4 – 5.
SSNs with the number “0000” in positions 6 – 9.
Ex. 123-00-0000
Ex. 123-45-0000

First Name


May use any first name

Last Name


May use any last name

Date of Birth


User must be over 18 years of age.

Test Checkout Payment Info

Card Number

Exp Date


4111 1111 1111 1111

Any future Date


User checkout

  • Perform the following checks and tests while connected to our sandbox.
  • In the admin settings, confirm your sandbox and public keys are configured
  • Confirm that sandbox mode is enabled in the admin settings so that test transactions go to the Katapult Sandbox Environment. Katapult will not fulfill any orders placed in sandbox mode.
  • Verify that Katpault is displaying at checkout as a payment option.
  • Confirm that Katpault only displays as a payment option with in the continental United States of America.
  • Follow the steps below to test your front end and order management system.

Frontend Testing

  1. Open incognito tab
  2. Navigate to staging site
  3. Add items to shopping cart, not to exceed $2000
  4. Add Discount code - Cart level
  5. Add Shipping when applicable
  6. Add Warranty if applicable
  7. Add non leasable item if applicable
  8. Go to checkout and select Katapult for the payment method
  9. Enter Mobile number and agree to the terms
  10. Enter verification code 123456
  11. Complete application - see User Creation tab for more details
  12. Submit application, you should receive a pre approval of $2700
  13. Select complete order
  14. Agree to terms and review lease
  15. Make first payment
  16. After submitting your payment you should be redirected to the order confirmation screen

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