Pre Approval Buttons

When Katapult plugin or Javascript is available for checkout


If you already have implemented the Katapult Javascript plugin then you will be able to add pre approval buttons to your site. To add a pre approval button to your javascript development complete the following steps.

Place Katapult Pre Approval Button

Place a button with class btn-katapult-preapprove on the pages where you want the Katapult pre-approval functionality to be available. Clicking this button will load the Katapult pre-approval form.

You may use one of our Katapult buttons to allow customers to get pre approved on your website.

<a class="btn-katapult-preapprove" id="btn-katapult" href="javascript:void(0)"></a>

Initialize Pre approval
the preapproval process when the button is clicked.

document.getElementById("btn-katapult").addEventListener("click", function() {


If you do not have the Katapult Javascript implemented on your site you will need to add the Javascript snippet for the Katapult modal to launch. Please go to our widgets page to get instructions on how to add the snippet.

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