Setting Up Tax Exemption Rules

Katapult Tax Exemption Policy

  • Katapult is classified as a wholesale merchant. This means Katapult is buying the product from your business and reselling the goods to the customer.
  • Katapult is responsible for collecting the taxes from the customers.
  • The customer will never be double charged for taxes, and Katapult will only pull in your product totals before taxes.

Merchant Responsibility
As the merchant, it is your responsibility to verify and update all orders in your system as tax exempt.
Katapult relies on your expertise and knowledge to develop the best process for your business needs.

Katapult Responsibility
Katapult must provide all tax exemption certificates to you, the merchant.

Magento Tax Exemption Management

Supported Version

  1. Go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment methods > Select Katapult
  2. Set the field 'Tax exemption for customers' to Enable
    Please Note : Tax in the cart will be removed while making a Payment via "Katapult" if Tax Exempt is enable