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Deployment Checklist


The Katapult team would like to make sure you have a seamless transition when going live. We advise that you follow these best practices before deploying to production.

  • Verify all applicable items have been marked as leasable on your production site.

  • Confirm that your environment and tokens have been updated from Sandbox to Production.

  • Avoid using nulled or a free plugin/theme from unknown sources.

  • Update all plugins and themes to the current version.

  • Verify that your themes, plugins, and code do not have any known vulnerability.

  • After deploying, clear your server cache and confirm that you have the most updated content.

  • Clear your cache on the website, theme, and plugin.

  • Scan your site for any existing malware before deployment.

  • If you are using Google Ads, verify that your site has not been blacklisted because of malware activity Google Search Console.

  • Whitelist *

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Deployment Checklist

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