Katapult offers a lease-to-own payment solution for your business. Getting started with Katapult is quick and easy. In our guide you will find step-by-step integration instructions for your e-commerce business, how to promote Katpault, and navigating the merchant portal.

What is Katapult?

Katapult is a lease-to-own option with a focus on helping the 100M customers with low and evolving FICO scores get life’s necessities  like furniture, appliances, and electronics, when they shop online or in-store. We believe that a credit score doesn’t fairly reflect a customer’s ability to be financially responsible. That’s why at Katapult, we look at many factors beyond a credit score during our real-time approval process. This allows us to approve more of your customers that may not normally be approved by other payment options and also helps grow your customer base.

How does Katapult Work?

Katapult offers a seamless way for your customers to make purchases. We help you convert customers that would not normally be able to pay for the item in full, or would not pass a prime lending option’s traditional credit check, by providing an extremely fast, simple, and cost-effective payment method. The Katapult lease-to-own product was built using world-class technology to provide instant decisions, while collecting minimal customer information.