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Messaging the Katapult lease-to-own program accurately and effectively is the first step to recognizing the full potential of the program. Katapult customers are self-aware that they have evolving credit and that traditional financing will not be a viable option for them. They look for these key messages to drive their decision as to whether or not they will be able to complete a transaction on the retailer’s site.

Contact Katapult's marketing team with any questions you have or complete a marketing request form here.

Compliance Requirements

  • Don’t appropriate Katapult content or imagery, such as in advertisements or promotion, without consent
  • Don’t mask or alter Katapult's brand by ‘white-labeling our service as an in-house financing program or by changing Katapult's materials with different content, color, or design
  • Don’t alter these logos or combine them with other custom content without consent

Best Practices

  • Include Katapult logos anywhere Katapult is mentioned, like product detail pages and the payment method selection in your checkout flow.
  • Include a Katapult button on your cart page to provide a shortcut to checkout

Katapult Dark-Blue Logo

Katapult Black Logo

Katapult White Logo

Katapult Logo with Magenta K

Katapult Dark Blue with Magenta K

Katapult Logo White with No Credit Required Message

Katapult Logo All White with No Credit Required Message

Katapult Logo Black with No Credit Required Message

Katapult Logo Blue with No Credit Required Message

Katapult K Logo


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