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Katapult gives you access to the no credit and subprime markets, a $23B market opportunity.
48% of US consumers need financing for a purchase of $400 or more.
Nearly half of the US population has a FICO score of under 700 and do not qualify for prime financing.

The reality is that many customers need credit but can’t access it. Or, if they do, they're unwilling to put their credit scores at risk. This represents a significant segment of customers who are all-too-often ignored by retailers – customers who want to make a purchase but don't have a reasonable way of paying and can’t afford to pay for quality furniture or new appliances in one lump sum. If e-commerce businesses want to connect with this customer base and gain their trust, they need to build a convenient shopping experience that reasonably caters to their financial needs.

Merchandising Guide

In this guide you will discover best practices for merchandising Katapult to your customers to increase conversion and customer awareness of a no credit option.

  • 70% Average approval rate
  • Access to Subprime consumer market, a $23B market opportunity
  • 47% FICO score of under 700, average FICO score for Katapult customers is 550-580
  • % Approval of declined customers with existing financing offer
  • Katapult approvals are up to $3,500
  • Katapult only requires a $45 initial payment
  • Approvals in less than 5 seconds
  • 90 Day Early Buyout Option
  • Katapult takes on all liability and is responsible for servicing the customer’s lease
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Best in Class

Merchandising Guide