Katapult Pre-Approval Webhook

Katapult is beta testing sending approval data to our merchant's webhook destination. For participating in this beta phase, your team will need to supply us with a URL endpoint where we can pass your customer pre-approval data directly to you.

A webhook is a mechanism that allows two applications to communicate with each other in real time. This is done through an HTTP callback: a simple event notification using HTTP POST. Katapult will POST a message to your specified destination URL when a customer gets a pre-approval on your site, so you can receive this information and act on it as needed.

What data will you receive?

Once this webhook is set up, Katapult will pass you customer pre-approval data in real-time.

How to get started

To get started reach out to your client success manager to provide your URL destination to us so we can start sending your customer's pre-approval data to you.

To avoid receiving random (or malicious) data in your webhook, you should provide an HMAC shared random secret in the "X-Signature" request header.

Customer Pre-approval Data

Customer approvals only stay valid for 30 days. If the customer does not use their approval within that time frame they will need to apply again. You will not receive separate real-time updates on the customer's expiration or available limit. Typically a customer will be re-approved if they return and re-apply after their approval has expired, but this cannot be guaranteed.